Automotive Diagnostic Kit consists of:

1 Hart case, black

1 Big set of flexible adapter cables
(Temperature-resistant silicon cables with 4 mm angle plugs and
Different automotive flat and round connectors, plug/socket each, 35 cm length)

1 Cord Pro 6 m rollable cable extension, black
1 Pair of pin-shaped test probes, angeled, red/black
1 Pair of test probes, red/black
2 Pairs of T-pieces, red/black
4 pin-shaped mini test probes (Back Probing Probes Mini)
1 Pair of measurement cables, 1,2 m, red/black
1 Pair of cable pearcer, long, red/black
1 Pair of cable pearcer, short, red/black
1 Pair of alligator clips, red/black