Spitzenwertgleichrichter zur Messung der Leerlaufspannung an Schweißgeräten

test adapter
measurement cables with alligator clips
operating instructions

In combination with a voltmeter, the test adapter is used for testing welding units.

This stipulates that peak values for open-circuit voltage may not exceed the limit values regardless of the utilized settings.

The peak value of the open-circuit voltage is determined in the SECULOAD by means of a peak value rectifier with very fast diodes.

As a result, the actual peak value of the open-circuit voltage is also issued for pulsed voltage sources with clock rates in the range of several 10 kHz, based upon the filter stipulated in the standard.

For some arc welding equipment, the issued voltage value may exceed the admissible limit value due to the fact that such high-frequency clock pulses are not fully taken into account by the manufacturers of the welding equipment.

Note: In combination with the SECUSTAR FM, a multimeter with peak hold (e.g. METRAHIT TECH / XTRA) is additionally required.